Offering products that are organic is one of the fundamental principles established by Theobroma Chocolat™ at its inception. Allowing chocolate and fruits producers to increase the quality and durability of the environment that surrounds them is something that makes Theobroma Chocolat’s associates proud. Each year Theobroma Chocolat™ must demonstrate that, from sourcing to warehousing, all of the principles of organic production governed by Ecocert Canada are respected. A qualified auditor visits the company premises and ensures that all of the ingredient that we use come from organic production and that no non-organic ingredients have been in contact with the certified ingredients. In addition they certify that the cleaning materials that we use respect organic standards.


With Gluten awareness and issues increasing around the globe Theobroma Chocolat™ wants to assure our customers that all its products are naturally gluten-free. The ingredients used in the composition of our chocolates do not contain any wheat, barley, oat, rye, triticale, kamut or spelt. Only great taste and pleasure are present in our chocolate!


For our customers that are concerned about GMO consumption, we are happy to reassure you that all Theobroma Chocolat™ products are GMO-free. Our ingredients enjoy nothing but sun, water, fresh air, and the tender loving care of the farmers.


Our focus on Fairtrade certification is a reflection of the human leadership that exists at Theobroma Chocolat™. We are concerned not only about the well-being of our immediate employees but we are equally concerned about the well-being of the foreign producers that participate in the success and quality of the products that we make. It is in that perspective that our adherence to Fairtrade certification takes on it’s full meaning. By purchasing only Fairtrade chocolate, Theobroma and our customers, are assured that:
• all producers receive a fair price for their products.
• that men and women are treated equally
• that there are no unfair child labour practices
• that the participating communities are supported with social premiums –
funds that invested in the development of schools and other areas that help
them to improve their communities, their living conditions and their futures


All of our dark chocolate items are vegan and can be consumed by all regardless of their choice of diet. No animal products are present in our chocolates because they are mainly composed by cocoa, sugar cane and fruits (and sometimes a bit of coffee or sea salt to add to the adventure)!

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