60% Dark Chocolate Stick with Lemon & Lime Chunks


Curious about unique – or downright outrageous – flavour combinations? Us too! Theobroma Chocolat Lemon & Lime Chunks Dark Chocolate 60% was designed to satisfy that daring impulse inside us all begging to try new things. Best of all, it’s the right combination of rich bitterness and tangy citrus.

May contain almond, coconut, soybean and milk.

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  • Cocoa Mass
    Cocoa Mass

    fairtrade    organic
  • Cane Sugar
    Cane Sugar

    fairtrade    organic
  • Cocoa Butter
    Cocoa Butter

    fairtrade    organic
  • Lemon

  • Lime

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Weight35 g
Dimensions1 × 0.8 × 9 in


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