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Our 95% pure dark, low sugar chocolate bar exudes the unique flavour of pure cocoa. It’s a delicious way to experience nature at its purest. Indulge in the richness of organic cocoa beans of superior quality with this creamy and delicious healthy dark chocolate bar. Every bite reveals a richness of pure dark chocolate combined with subtle fruity notes for the perfect finish every time.

Allergens: May contain almonds, coconut, soybean and milk.

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Weight80 g
Dimensions7.1 × 3.2 × 0.3 in
Product information

PROUDLY MADE IN CANADA – Theobroma Chocolat owns Ecocert’s first organic processing plant in Canada.

LOW SUGAR, GMO-FREE CHOCOLATE, GLUTEN-FREE CHOCOLATE – Since Theobroma Chocolat’s inception in 2008, the company’s main focus has always been to develop and produce gluten-free and GMO-free chocolate. We only produce Canadian chocolate bars and sticks with pure, natural and completely organic cocoa bases.

VEGAN CHOCOLATE, – Our dark chocolate products are vegan. No animal products are present in our vegan dark chocolate. Anyone can consume our products.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC CHOCOLATE – This product contains cane sugar, cocoa butter, and cocoa mass. All ingredients are certified and in line with Canadian Organic Standards (COS). From sourcing to warehousing, we respect all of the principles of organic production governed by Ecocert Canada. For our 95% Dark Chocolate Bar, a qualified auditor visits the company premises and ensures all of our organic ingredients come from organic production.

FAIRTRADE CHOCOLATE – The cane sugar, cocoa butter and cocoa mass in this healthy dark chocolate are Fairtrade ingredients.

· Ingredients sourced with a fair price for producers

· Men and women treated equally in the ingredient sourcing process

· Ingredient sourcing funds invested in the development of schools and to help improve communities, living conditions and individuals’ futures.


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