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At Theobroma Chocolat, we’re proud to provide a product that can be enjoyed by anyone. Don’t believe we have something for anyone? Take a look below at our certifications and claims. If you like good chocolate that is as good for you as it is for the planet, then you’re in the right place.


Offering products that are organic is one
of the fundamental principles established
by Theobroma Chocolat from the start.
Allowing chocolate and fruit producers to
increase the quality and durability of
the environment that surrounds them is
something that makes Theobroma
Chocolat’s associates proud. Each year,
Theobroma Chocolat must demonstrate
that, from sourcing to warehousing, all of
the principles of organic production
governed by Ecocert Canada are
respected. A qualified auditor visits the
company premises and ensures all of the
ingredients we use come from organic
production, and non-organic ingredients
have not been in contact with the
certified ingredients. In addition, the
certification of the cleaning materials,
respecting organic requirements is also
included in the process.


Our focus on Fairtrade certification is a reflection of the human leadership that exists at Theobroma Chocolat. We are concerned not   only about the well-being of our immediate employees, as well as the well-being of the foreign producers participating in the success and quality of the products we make. It is in that perspective that our adherence to the Fairtrade certification takes on its full meaning.

By purchasing only Fairtrade chocolate, Theobroma Chocolat and our customers,            are assured:

• all producers receive a fair price for                  their products
• men and women are treated equally
• there are no unfair child labour practices
• the participating communities are supported with social premiums – funds invested in the development of schools and other areas that help them to improve their communities, their living conditions and their future.

100% Plant-based

All the ingredients included in our
chocolate, are plant-based and can be
consumed by anyone regardless of their
dietary restrictions. No animal products
are present in our dark chocolates
because they are mainly composed by
vegetal elements like cocoa, sugar cane and fruits (and
sometimes a bit of coffee or sea salt to
add to the adventure)!

Gluten Free

With Gluten awareness and issues
increasing around the globe, Theobroma
Chocolat wants to assure our customers
that all it’s products are naturally
gluten-free. The ingredients used in the
composition of our chocolates do not
contain allergens such as wheat, barley,
oat, rye, triticale, kamut or spelt. Only
great tastes are present in our chocolate
for you to enjoy!

GMO Free

For our customers that are concerned
about GMO consumption, we are happy
to reassure you that all Theobroma
Chocolat products are GMO-free. The
ingredients that compose our products,
enjoy nothing but the sun, rain, fresh air
and farmer’s TLC.

Peanut Free

Theobroma Chocolat is proud to offer peanut-free products! We work hard to offer top-quality and allergen-free products, and we can proudly say that Theobroma Chocolat products are manufactured in a peanut-free factory. This means that our factory has strict quality control measures to ensure compliance with the ‘‘peanut-free’’ statement. Such control measures include raw material, ingredient, and finished product verification as well as protocols for providers and employees. Furthermore, regular controls and staff training are performed to ensure compliance with good manufacturing practices. 

Should you have any questions regarding food allergies or intolerances, do not hesitate to contact us.

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