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At Theobroma Chocolat, we believe less is more. That’s why we keep it simple. Our cocoa, cocoa butter and organic cane sugar, plus an inclusion of real raspberry, espresso or other flavours, help create a creamy organic chocolate that melts in your mouth. Every bite is pure, and lets you experience the delicious taste of milk or dark chocolate, with just the right hint of fruit (and sometimes a bit of coffee or sea salt) that follows!

When creating something new, we take the time  to orchestrate the succession of tastes, so you can indulge in the entire range of products including     a total of 15 flavours.

Theobroma Chocolat offers a total of 3 different products. First the 35 g stick, which is a signature of the brand that offers 15 unique flavours. Then we have the 80 g tablet without lecithin or vanilla extracts, available in two milk chocolate flavours and in four dark chocolate flavours. Finally, to complete the range, Theobroma Chocolat offers     10 g mini-sticks, available in 4 flavours with different packaging. These have been proven to    be the preferred treat amongst the travellers at    Via Rail Canada, who like to be able to offer        these small pleasures to their customers.

Responsible indulgence

Better for you and the planet

Being able to create something everyone can enjoy has been our goal from the very beginning, which is why our chocolate products are made from pure, organic, GMO-free, peanut-free, gluten-free and (in many flavours) vegan ingredients. Our quality control department also ensures food safety and confirms that the allergens-free indication is mandatory. Controls are performed independently and annual audits confirm compliance with organic certification standards. Not only can anyone enjoy our chocolate, you can feel good about knowing      it was created with the best intentions for you     and the planet.


To meet the needs of consumers, Theobroma Chocolat is constantly innovating. New, resealable packaging makes life easier for lovers of this delicious chocolate and ensures the preservation of 80g tablets. As the first company to offer this convenient and hygienic packaging system in North America, Theobroma Chocolat confirms its position as a leader in innovation in the packaging of fine and gourmet chocolates.

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Become the change today! By consuming our products, you won’t only experience delicious taste; you’ll be respecting the planet too. With the numerous tastes, allergens, and dietary restrictions, we have managed to allow everyone, the possibility of enjoying our chocolates. Isn’t that sweet?

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