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Theobroma Chocolat

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Getting smarter together with the taste of a deliciously positive force for change, THEOBROMA® Chocolat always good for you and the planet!

Theobroma's Goodness.

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Staying true to our principles every day, we only use pure, natural and completely organic cocoa bases. Everything is made with less than 6 ingredients because what matters to you, matters to us.

We Meet
The Highest Standards.

Be the change today! By consuming our products, you won’t only experience delicious taste; you’ll be respecting the planet too. With so many tastes and dietary restrictions out there, we’ve made it easy for everyone to enjoy our chocolate. Isn’t that sweet?


Our Fairtrade certification lets you know our chocolate is made in a responsible way. Every time you treat yourself, you’re enjoying something that’s good for you, the people who made it, and the environment.