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Getting Smarter Together.

With The Taste Of A Deliciously Positive Force For Change, Theobroma Chocolat Always Good For You And The Planet!

Welcome to Getting Smarter Together – Theobroma Chocolat’s new social innovation initiative. Each and every day, we are challenging everybody to become more socially responsible citizens. But you’re already doing great!

Why Social Innovation?

This year, we’ve discovered just how self-aware, creative and resilient we all are. But why quit while we’re ahead? Understanding how powerful change can be, there’s no better time to change our habits, think differently, and take action. After all, by making better choices, the world becomes a better place.

Theobroma Chocolat understands the importance of choice. Back in 2008, we chose to create chocolate, the good way.

Your choices matter too. So why not send that motivational text to someone who needs it? Pick up waste at the park and trash it. Together, we can escape our comfort zones and make this year’s selflessness go further.


By taking this test, you can stay true to your best self! Click the button below and generate your good deed for the days, weeks and months ahead.

Disclaimer: Like opening a fortune cookie, all Random Acts of Kindness are generated for the purposes of entertainment. They should always be performed with common sense and safety in mind at all times. Theobroma Chocolat takes no responsibility for participants’ health, safety and welfare beyond the realms of this campaign.

Feel Good About
Eating Smart!

Now you’re making better decisions, we’ll continue to do what we do best. Creating Fairtrade, gluten-free and GMO-free chocolate that’s always good for you and the planet.

Staying true to our principles every day, we only use pure, natural and completely organic cocoa bases. Everything is made with less than 6 ingredients because what matters to you, matters to us.

We’re Getting Smarter Too!

Our brand-new factory in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures is now open! Our new facility has obtained its Global Food Safety (GFSI) Certification and we’ve also been recognized for excellence in advancing food safety. A $10 million project, this new facility has allowed us to triple our surface area and colossally increase production, using state-of-the-art equipment, to continue making the delicious chocolate you love.

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Offer to babysit for free
Listen to someone
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Hold the elevator door
Adopt a pet
Lend your favourite book

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