A First in Organic, Plant-Based, Sugar-Free Chocolate

Theobroma Chocolat

A First in Organic, Plant-Based, Sugar-Free Chocolate

Theobroma Chocolat, leader in organic chocolate, introduced its latest innovation: organic sugar-free chocolate. This plant-based, sugar-free chocolate is a great example of our ongoing commitment to sustainable and health-conscious chocolate snacks.

Our “organic sugar-free” range is the result of a two-year research and development project. We asked our team to create a chocolate that eliminates sugar without compromising taste or nutritional value. Their success has not only made our product range better, but it’s also given us a whole new assortment of protein-rich chocolate snacks. What makes our sugar-free chocolate different from other similar products on the market is its natural sweetener, which comes from manioc fiber, a plant that’s rich in fiber. This new product lets us avoid using synthetic sweeteners, which can cause digestive issues and alter the taste. It also lets us keep the rich, creamy flavor that our customers love.

All our products are created based on our core values, which we call our chocolate manifesto. It includes five essential principles: eating pleasure, planet preservation, future generation protection, avoidance of artificial flavors, and refusal to use GMOs.

Our organic sugar-free chocolate is more than just a treat. It also shows our commitment to innovative and eco-friendly production methods. By using plant-based ingredients and environmentally friendly production methods, we not only meet the growing interest in healthy food choices but also help to preserve our planet and the well-being of our communities.

You can find our organic sugar-free products in most grocery stores across Canada and on our online store. They’re guilt-free and taste great, and they align with the dietary preferences and ethical values of our consumers. Since its national launch, we’ve been spreading the word about the perfect balance between pleasure and responsible consumption.

Let’s get smarter together and become the change today!

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