A Journey of Iconic Landmarks and Luxurious Chocolate

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Gisèle’s New York Adventure : A Journey of Iconic Landmarks and Luxurious Chocolate

Buckle up for an exhilarating ride with Gisèle, a dynamic young architect from Toronto, as she sets out on a thrilling three-day adventure to the vibrant streets of New York City this summer! Living solo in the bustling heart of Toronto, Gisèle has everything planned to perfection. With her trusted hybrid SUV revved up and ready, she and her two best friends are all set to explore the glittering Big Apple, with a little extra sparkle provided by her favorite treat—Theobroma Chocolat, conveniently picked up from Whole Foods Market near her chic downtown condo.

Empire State Building
Gisèle’s adventure kicks off at the iconic Empire State Building! As she gazes out over the stunning Manhattan skyline, she indulges in a delicious mini zero sucre chocolate bar. The guilt-free sweetness of the chocolate perfectly complements the exhilarating view, enhancing the magic of the urban panorama. What a spectacular way to savor both the city’s beauty and a treat that’s as sweet as it is smart! Wow, truly a moment to remember!

NBC Studio
As a big fan of TV series, Gisèle visits NBC Studio. It’s the perfect opportunity to immerse herself in the world of her favorite shows. To stay energized and attentive during the guided tour, she nibbles on a few Chunkies, which provide her with the necessary energy and are deliciously satisfying.

Statue of Liberty
The tour continues with a must-see: the Statue of Liberty. As she sails over to the island, Gisèle enjoys a chocolate stick, relishing the freedom of savoring her favorite flavor, the raspberry Batons, in such an iconic setting.

Central Park
For a moment of relaxation, Gisèle heads to Central Park, near the lake. It’s the perfect place to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of New York. Sitting on a bench, she indulges in another chocolate stick, this time the Dark Himalayan Salt, allowing the chocolate’s pleasure to complement the serenity of the park.

MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)
Finally, Gisèle visits MOMA to immerse herself in modern and contemporary art. Between the works of Van Gogh and Warhol, she takes a moment to enjoy a coconut chocolate bar, allowing the artistic experience to mingle with gustatory pleasures without adding superfluous calories.

Through these five iconic locations, Gisèle not only explores the wonders of New York but also incorporates moments of well-being with her favorite Theobroma Chocolat. This trip will remain engraved in her memory, not only for the sites visited but also for those moments of pleasure with healthy and delicious chocolate.

Did You Know? 5 Fun Facts about Theobroma Chocolat and NYC

Availability: You can find our products in a selected 100 stores across the Big Apple! Check this out!

Origins of Batons: Jean-Rene Lemire and Josée Vigneault, the cofounders of Theobroma, created their first collection, the Batons, right in New York on the Upper West Side in 2007.

Trader Joe’s: Did you know that Trader Joe’s stores had Batons, an item very similar to Theobroma Chocolat, available in all their stores?

Up in the sky with Chunkies: Chunkies were offered on American Airlines for six consecutive months in business class, making flights a little sweeter for passengers.

Amazon Top-Ranked Sugar-Free Option: The Yummy Zero Sugar bar is ranked as one of the best in its category on the Amazon Store, beloved for its delicious taste without sugar.

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