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No need to be a dieter to enjoy our Organic Zero sugar chocolate! Our Special dark organic chocolate Mini is not only rich in cocoa and plant fiber its also packed with antioxidants too, all of this without the sugar alcohol! Enjoy the moment, this sweet, delicious not bitter organic chocolate with the most creamy finish will make your taste buds come for more. Skip sugar-Love chocolate!

All chocolate shipments during hot summer months will ship with reusable ice packs. Orders will ship on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only during the hot summer months.

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  1. SC

    I love THIS dark chocolate. Just randomly saw it in Costco and decided to try it because it had no sugar. Had no idea that cassava fiber could be a sweetener. Obviously we all love sugar. In terms of my tastes the closest I’ve come to tolerate is stevia and that is only the Lily brand. Coconut sugar is decent. Occasionally I can deal with erythritol but don’t like monk fruit. This chocolate is pretty amazing if you’re looking for a healthy chocolate. Cassava fiber? Who knew? Great job Josee and JR!!!

  2. d.g.

    I try to avoid sugar due to keeping gut and teeth healthier. I’ve eaten many brands of stevia and erythritol sweetened chocolate and this is the BEST. Of course Costco had it in Cranberry twp, PA, when I was traveling there last weekend, I bought my 1st bag of these and had no idea how great they were. So I went to my Costco in N.E. Ohio and either they didn’t have them or they don’t have them anymore- happens a lot. So i’m resorting to online shopping to get products I like, and may as well drop costco membership soon.

  3. d.g.

    best no sugar chocolate ever

  4. JT

    OMG! This is now a must have in my house. I found these little dreams at Costco and immediately went back for more bags to share…and for my house 😉 If you have a big sweet tooth, it might not be for you, unless you’re trying to cut the sugar like me. The lack of bitterness, soft sweetness, and creamy finish is the perfect quick fix for me. There’s an experience in every bite.

  5. P.L.

    Was in Costco today & they were sampling this wonderful chocolate. It is delicious, especially for no sugar. I dislike artificial sweeteners so was fortunate to try these today. I will purchase as long as they are available. Added fiber too! Thanks for creating something healthy & delicious!

  6. Emily

    If I just say a big ol’ THANK YOU, does that say it all? In case not, I’ll add “delicious and satisfying.” Best no sugar treat I’ve ever tasted!

  7. Vicki B.

    I echo everything said here! Random purchase at Costco last week! I’m hooked. Healthy chocolate! A teacher’s dream!

  8. M. Martha Eid

    When will it be available in the US?????

  9. K

    I work in a nursing home and try to provide sugar free options for residents with different dietary needs. I put these in my candy bowl at work, and residents loved them! They are sweet without being too much. Trying to find them again so I can restock. 😉

  10. Andrea

    I got this chocolate at Costco, sadly I can’t found anymore. They taste wonderful not too sweet very smooth texture and healthy.

  11. Leyla

    I would like to know the percentage of cacao in this product?

  12. Sheri

    Tried these in Costco and we were hooked. The best no sugar chocolate there is. We’re super disappointed Costco is no longer carrying them, and we can’t seem to find them anywhere!!! 🙁

  13. GP

    Saw this at Costco. Unfortunately cannot find it anymore. This is one of the best non-sweetened chocolates I’ve had.. Even my kids love to eat it. We look forward to it being on supply again

  14. Lisa

    Add my name to all 5 star reviews !! I was very disappointed not to find them at my local COSTCO today 🙁

  15. CL

    Love it!!! Why isn’t it at Costco anymore?!?!

  16. Grace T

    My kids and I love this because it’s zero sugar and only 3 ingredients. I was super disappointed when I couldn’t find them at any Costco recently. Please restock them soon!

  17. Karen

    My husband’s favorite! We also found them at Costco, but went back to get another bag a day later and they were sold out…. 🙁

  18. Alice

    Best chocolate ever with no guilt. Discovered them at Costco, but they no longer carry them. So disappointed

  19. Susan

    I also bought some at Costco. They have not had more since. Great taste and no digestive issues as with sugar alcohols.

  20. Blanca Gonzalez

    Thee BEST no sugar dark chocolate I have ever tasted. Extremely sad that Costco doesn’t carry it anymore. Can’t wait to order from your website

  21. Chris

    I also found these at Costco and fell in love, and was heartbroken when stock ran out. Please come to the US again, I am dedicated for life. Delicious dark chocolate, better than sugared and the most keto friendly ever. With no sugar alcohols! A revelation. I am waitlisted with bated breath.

  22. John

    This is simply the best unsweetened chocolate I’ve ever had. It’s wonderful how smooth and rich it is. It’s like Belgian quality chocolate in taste and mouthfeel. I don’t even miss the sugar! I’m really unhappy that Costco stopped carrying it. I hope it comes back.

  23. John Garofolo

    I found these in Costco and was hooked. They’re the highest quality most delicious unsweetened chocolate I’ve ever had. And they’re paleo friendly! They taste incredible and have a silky smooth mouth feel. I don’t miss the sweetener at all. Absolute heaven!

    I’m heartbroken that Costco stopped carrying them. Please bring them back!

  24. BP

    Theobroma team! I think all these reviews refer back to Costco for their first experience with your product, please reconsider sellinv it via Costco in the USA – that is where I had got my stash…;-) please sell it at Costco again…

  25. Jurgen

  26. VW

    This chocolate is exceptional for being “sugar free”. Reminds me a lot of Hu quality. I love that it doesn’t use any sugar alcohols or natural flavorings. Even my 2 year old likes it because it’s smooth and not bitter! Can’t wait for these to be available for online purchase!!!

  27. L

    I love this chocolate so so so much. Please start selling it at Costco again!!!!!!!

  28. L shaw

    I love this chocolate so so so much. Please start selling it at Costco again!!!!!!!

  29. JE

    While the chocolate tastes great, the price of a single bag of 45 minis suddenly jumped up, from $19.99 to $29.99. I ordered only four days ago at the $19.99 per bag price and was going to order some more today, but then saw the sharp price increase. I know inflation has been bad all around, but this increase seems excessive.

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