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Getting smarter together with the taste of a deliciously positive force for change,
Theobroma Chocolat always good for you and the planet!

Our emphasis
is on people

We are concerned not only about the well-being of our immediate employees, but also about the well-being of foreign producers that participate in the success and quality of our products.

Our focus on Fairtrade certification is a reflection of the human leadership that exists at Theobroma Chocolat.


Offering organic products has been our goal from the very beginning. Using ingredients in their purest form is a big part of how we craft our chocolate. It’s what makes us different, and we’re proud of that.

Experience a
wholesome taste

Our ingredients enjoy nothing but sun, water, fresh air, and the tender loving care of the farmers. All of our dark chocolate items are vegan and can be consumed by all regardless of their choice of diet.

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We Meet
The Highest Standards.

Become the change today! When consuming our products, you will be experiencing a delicious taste while respecting the planet. Even with the amount of food allergens & dietary restrictions, we managed to allow everyone, the possibility to enjoy the freedom, while savoring our chocolates.   

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