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Cassava root : the smart alternative to sugar

Our vision has always been to create delicious chocolates, which are good for the planet and its inhabitants. We understand how powerful change can be. By changing our habits, by thinking outside the box, by taking actions and by making better choices, we can create a better world.

This is the reason why Theobroma Chocolat launched it’s Zero Sugar line of products in the fall of 2022!

At the end of an epic quest worthy of the best fantasy novel, our R&D team discovered cassava fiber.

Cassava fiber in chocolate – why?

Cassava is a fibrous root vegetable. It is cultivated around the world because it requires little water to grow. We use the fiber in cassava root to make our Zero Sugar chocolates because this fiber gives a perfect sweetness without sugar to our biological, fairtrade chocolate AND a creaminess free of any milk products. Cassava fiber contains prebiotics fibers which are beneficial to your gut health.

To create the flour which is used in our products, the whole root is grinded and reduced to a powder. It is this powder which is then used to craft our Zero Sugar chocolates.

Be careful though not to confuse cassava powder and tapioca powder! Although both are made from the cassava root, tapioca powder is manufactured from the starch found in cassava whilst cassava powder is crafted using the whole root, thus preserving all its benefits.

Cassava root is rich in vegetable fibers, without allergens, without gluten and without tree nuts. Cassava powder is not bitter. It has a neutral taste, slightly sweet and it does not mask or tamper the taste of chocolate. We developed a unique crafting method for our Zero Sugar line of products which gives a smooth and creamy texture to our biological chocolate.

Getting Smarter Together has never been as delicious! Join our movement skip sugar, love chocolate!

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