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A love affair with chocolate

In 2008, Josee Vigneault and Jean-Rene Lemire founded THEOBROMA CHOCOLAT, Canada’s first organic chocolate factory.
Their vision was simple: to create delicious and sweet chocolates that are good for the planet and its inhabitants. This is the reason why every product we make at THEOBROMA CHOCOLAT must fulfill our 5 Chocolate Commandments:

• Pleasure first, enjoy!
• We care about you & the next generations!
• We care about the planet!
• We say no to artificial flavors!
• We say no to GMOs

To create our products, we make sure to purchase only Fairtrade chocolate. It is one of way we found to make this world a better place. Fairtrade makes sure men and women are treated equally and that there are no unfair child labour practices. All participating communities are supported with funds allowing them to develop areas which will improve their living conditions and their future.
Moreover, doing business with Fairtrade certified farmers ensures the protection of the environment. Fairtrade farmers are forbidden from cutting down trees to plant crops, thus preventing deforestation. Forests are the lungs of our planet, and everyone must do their part to safeguard these most important organisms.

Join us in our quest to be a deliciously positive force for change! Indulge yourself guilt-free with our products and help create a world that is a better place for you and the generations to come.
All our products are without sugar polyalcohol. Treat yourself with one of our batons or explore our Zero Sugar line of products. You don’t need to be on a special diet to enjoy better food and take are of your health. Don’t wait any longer…


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