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Cassava Root : an original and smart Sugar Substitute

At Theobroma Chocolat, our enduring aim is to craft indulgent chocolates that not only taste divine but also contribute positively to the Earth and its dwellers. We appreciate the potency of change and its implications. By deviating from conventional methods, exhibiting ingenuity, making conscious decisions, and taking definitive steps, we can reshape the world for the better. Hence, we proudly launched our innovative Zero Sugar product range last fall in 2022!

Our determined R&D team, akin to the protagonists of a thrilling fantasy saga, chanced upon the wonder ingredient – cassava fiber.

Why incorporate cassava fiber into chocolate, you ask? 

The answer lies in the unique properties of this fibrous tuber. Cassava requires scant water for cultivation, making it a sustainable choice. When utilized in our Zero Sugar chocolates, cassava fiber imparts a natural sweetness, sans sugar, and lends a creamy texture to our organic, fair trade chocolates, without using any dairy products. Additionally, the prebiotic fibers present in cassava fiber are a boon for your gut health.

To prepare the flour used in our confectionery, we grind the entire cassava root into a fine powder. This is the key ingredient in our Zero Sugar chocolates.

A word of caution – don’t mistake cassava powder for tapioca powder! Despite both being derived from cassava root, tapioca powder is produced from the starch within the root, while cassava powder is made from the whole root, retaining all its beneficial properties.

Cassava root is a treasure trove of plant fibers, is free from allergens, gluten, and tree nuts. The powder derived from it is pleasantly neutral in flavor, with a mild sweetness. It doesn’t interfere with the rich taste of our chocolate. Through our unique crafting process, we ensure our Zero Sugar chocolates maintain a smooth and creamy consistency.

Join us today on this enlightening journey of eschewing sugar without giving up on the joy of chocolate.

Never has the phrase ‘Getting Smarter Together’ tasted so sweet!

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