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Mini Chunkies – The Gourmet alternative to protein bars

Theobroma Chocolat is first and foremost a chocolatier and it is our certified organic chocolate that we wanted to put forward in the Mini Chunkies Energy Bites recipe. We wanted to create an alternative to protein bars, that tasted great and could be enjoyed by everybody!

Not just an energy snack, but also a gourmet product!

To develop our formulation, we worked on textures by combining the melting side of our chocolate with the crispness of our milk proteins buds. The next step after combining textures was to play with taste. 

60% dark chocolate and raspberry Mini Chunkies – for the adventurous. This flavor combines serious dark chocolate with zesty raspberry, creating an explosion of flavors that will make anyone smile and reach in the bag for more. 

Eat healthy, eat smart – find pleasure in eating!

Many people have opted for changes in their eating habits by turning to a healthier diet. We need to be able to energize healthily without scrutinizing the ingredients or having to pull out a dictionary. On the go, during a commute, between meetings, before or after a workout, or whether you have a picky eater at home, our Mini Chunkies will answer your needs. Enjoy!

1 thought on “Mini Chunkies – The Gourmet alternative to protein bars”

  1. Sabrina Ideses

    I tried the mini chunkies in my American Airlines flight to LA , in a business seat, a week ago and I love it. . I took it from the air hostess’s tray when I saw it, because it seemed really appealing. It has ingredients that I love it. Chocolate and raspberries, and there’s an extra benefit, has zero sugar.
    I brought one more package to my home,. I really want to have them as an option of healthy snacks.

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