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Halloween and Fall Trends at Theobroma Chocolat

Halloween in Healthy Mode...Possible?

Happy Halloween

More and more, importance is being placed on nutrition, its effects on overall health and the ingredients found in food. In the age of “low in sugar” and “free from allergens,” consumers expect to find products that are healthy and natural, yet refined and flavourful. On the eve of a holiday like Halloween, many people wonder:  

  • Is it possible to enjoy safe treats? 
  • Are there any options that children will like, despite their nutritional value? 
  • Are there organic and nutritious treats, in an ideal format, to distribute to trick or treaters?

Fortunately, the answers are in the affirmative! Keen to meet the growing demand for this type of product, our chocolatiers and our research and development team have designed a collection of mini sticks for the occasion. Wanting to please everyone, they have created an entirely vegan line, free of gluten, GMOs or nuts, with inputs from organic and fair-trade agriculture. This Halloween, focus on your costumes and forget the scary ingredients! 

Mini chocolate sticks
Various logos

The Sport Community and Chocolate: 

Woman jogging

On Saturday, October 2, the participants of the Saint-Sauveur half-marathon surpassed themselves at a TopChrono event, highly coveted by running enthusiasts.  

Also, on October 2 and 3, the runners of the Marathon P’tit Train du Nord raced down a 42 km route from Val-David to Saint-Jérôme in the Laurentians. Surrounded by nature and fresh air, the marathoners thrived after several months of preparation.  

With physical activity and functional nutrition at heart, Theobroma Chocolat proudly distributed Chunkies chocolate energy bites to everyone attending these events. With 10 g of protein and fewer than 190 calories per sachet, these snacks containing fewer than 6 ingredients were loved by everyone!  

Congratulations to all the athletes and the organizers for their success! 

Gourmet Trend: Grazing Platters

Grazing Platter

The return to routine and the arrival of cool weather are synonymous with cocooning and comfort. This fall, nothing could be simpler and tastier to assemble than a grazing platter to satiate yourself effortlessly. An extremely versatile solution, just collect your favourite bites and voilà—a culinary and visual masterpiece that everyone will love! Needing no precise formula, you can include:  

  • fresh and/or dried fruit 
  • marinades 
  • cold cuts
  • cheeses
  • crackers and/or fresh baguette 
  • tapenade and/or dips 
  • nuts
  • various chocolates

Alone, with family or friends, it’s a perfect option for happy hour or weekend lunches. Bon appétit ! 

5 Tips to Maintain Optimal Health This Fall 

Person on a bicycle with energy biites in basket

While many warmly welcome fall colours, pumpkin-flavoured lattes and “wool-socks-and-sweater” fashion, some need to pay special attention to their health this season. Among other things, the lack of light, dropping temperatures and rain can upset the mood for some. Fortunately, there are solutions that can lighten it all!  

  • light therapy – 20 to 30 minutes per day absorbing the rays of a specialized lamp that mimics the sun
  • exercise, a healthy diet and sleep hygiene—encouraged on a daily basis 
  • vitamin D—consumed daily to compensate for the lack of luminosity
  • medical support—talking to a doctor as needed if symptoms appear
  • psychotherapy—if seasonal depression arises 

Balancing your lifestyle during the colder months is a great strategy for maintaining optimal health. From the Theobroma Chocolat team, have a lovely beginning of fall.   

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