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Holidays = Simple Pleasures + Goodwill at Theobroma Chocolat


Cadeau enveloppé avec étiquette Theobroma Chocolat

The holiday season is a time to spread goodwill. It’s an opportunity to give to others, to reflect on our impact on people and the environment, and to take action. By calibrating our choices wisely, it’s possible to be a force for change, a model to follow. Together, we can demonstrate that our collective power is stronger than anything.

Whether it’s supporting our favorite organization or procuring gifts that come from ethical sources, we hold the power. Every action we take is an opportunity to surpass ourselves.

This season, as you shop, think about this. Support businesses that promotes fair trade practices, organic agriculture, social innovation. Your dollars speak – use your voice.

This Christmas, treat your loved ones with peace of mind thanks to our chocolates that are good for you and for the planet! Let’s get smarter together!


Bas de Noël avec chocolat Theobroma

Ahhhhhhhh – the magic of the holidays has begun and it’s almost time to spoil our loved ones. At Theobroma Chocolat, we have what you need.

Stocking Stuffers
Perfect for everyone, our eco-organic collection box is a must. This assortment of five succulent dark and milk chocolate batons explodes with flavours and textures, all in a chic and colourful box. That will definitely start Christmas morning the right way!

Underneath the Tree
Here, it’s our discovery boxes that will please. Whether it is The Creative, The Adventurous or The Passionate, you will receive cheerful thanks. After all, it’s everyone’s dream to unwrap a mountain of chocolate, right?

At Work
Don’t forget your colleagues, valued customers and partners! The winning solution? Our boxes of mini batons, perfect for groups! You will make many happy!

Happy shopping!

Theobroma Gift Ideas


Médecins Sans Frontière

This year, we proudly joined forces with Doctors Without Borders (DWB) – Canada to send end-of-year gifts to all of their employees who will be away for the holidays. This organization provides emergency medical relief to populations at risk in more than 71 countries around the world, working hard for others. Of course, we want to recognize their efforts!

To brighten up their Christmas abroad, we’ve shipped some of our Chunkies Crispy Chocolate Energy Bites, ideal for carrying in a backpack on a field mission. Rich with their 10g of protein (and flavourful 😊), we hope this little snack will bring a touch of happiness to all these dedicated individuals and bring a smile to those in need.

From the whole team at Theobroma Chocolat, happy holidays to the employees of DWB-Canada!


Brunch festif

In addition to feasting on your traditional Christmas dinner this year, delight your guests with a holiday-worthy brunch, flooded with chocolate, for a guaranteed 10/10!

How? It’s simple!

  1. Make pancakes or waffles
  2. Assemble a platter of your favorite fruits
  3. Make a chocolate sauce. To do this, break your favorite bars into pieces, place them in a small pot, add a little milk, and let everything melt over low heat until you obtain a smooth texture
  4. Combine it all into a delicious mountain of decadence

Bon appétit!

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