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We all know that when Spring arrives, so do the Maple Sugar products.  The first ‘’Break’’ for you this spring, will be when you bite into a Theobroma Maple Chunks Baton.

Always crafted by the Master Chocolatiers at THEOBROMA CHOCOLAT, the unctuous organic chocolate & delicious maple chunks blend, is out of this world. Your Spring Break will be available all year round! This new flavour, part of the baton collection, will be available in March, ready to be discovered.



The easter promo is back at THEOBROMA. Follow us & don’t miss the 30% discount, on our products, from March 17th to April 30th. EASTER, what better timing, to indulge an excellent organic chocolate product from THEOBROMA; ‘’food of the Gods’’.


There is no Black Friday nor Boxing Day after Easter. Why wait till Easter Monday when rebates start March 17th? Go ahead & share with family & loved ones. Live an awesome experience, dig into delicious organic chocolate, good for you & for the planet.



This year, take action and become part of the change. Be proud to eat healthy chocolate.


Place your bets & try to discover the CHUNKIES new flavour. It’s a mystery that has yet to be solved. Our Master Chocolatiers confirm that this new product will become the next invasion, but will not require a vax! Become among the first to try it out soon, very soon. You are sure to fall for this blend of THEOBROMA organic chocolate, 10g of protein and (?) flavour, ready to savour at any time of day.


Easy to carry, the 37g of CHUNKIES ENERGY BITES can become your new BFF & follow you wherever you go.  By the way, you are allowed to another BFF, there are three (3) other existing flavours, to choose from. Enjoy all the benefits that THEOBROMA chocolate products can bring to your daily routine. You will only feel better & it will show.



Go ahead & energize yourself!


We have been told for so long, that protein should be part of a sporty life. Well, it’s in fact, very true.


Whatever sport you might practice, to stay in shape or as a hobby, after an intense workout, exercisers should consume protein for muscles to properly recover, grow & become stronger. Muscles are more sensitive to protein and, are more likely to absorb and use protein immediately.   

 Add CHUNKIES ENERGY BITES to your regular daily routine. A portion of 10g of protein in every bite, blended with THEOBROMA organic dark chocolate, will not only be good for your muscles but also for your skin. In fact, the flavonoid in dark chocolate protects the skin by reducing cellular damage.

 A portion of 37g of CHUNKIES ENERGY BITES, can be carried almost anywhere. No food prep nor blender, nothing else is required. Easy to stow in a gym bag or in a coat pocket. The CHUNKIES ENERGY BITES will soon be available, at your local gym gear outlet. Be sure to grab some for the outdoor spring sports. But, don’t forget, the body can absorb only a certain quantity of protein. Too much protein will not be harmful, but the body won’t absorb it all & will eventually turn into fat.


Basically, it’s up to every individual to manage the protein consumption, depending on the type of activity, and the amount of effort that is put into it.  

 Take action & be part of the change. ‘’Getting smarter together’’ is becoming the new way of life!

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