May: The Month to Get Fit and Eat Well!  

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May: The Month to Get Fit and Eat Well!  

Spotlight on Chunkies, your New Favorite Spring Snacks

Ah, May! The month when terrace restaurants start filling up, parks come back to life, and it might just be time to lace up our running shoes. It’s also the time when Quebec takes on two highly motivating challenges: the TOUGO Challenge (formerly the Health Challenge) and the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie. The mantra? Move more and eat better. Easy to say, but let’s face it, it can be a real puzzle, especially with schedules as packed as the Champlain Bridge at rush hour! 

So how do we fit more exercise into our already busy schedules and eat smart without spending hours preparing healthy snacks? Simple: with our Chunkies! Packed with 10g of protein per serving, these energy bites give you a quick and easy nutritional boost. Ready to eat, they slip easily into your bag or pocket to go anywhere: biking up a mountain or pedaling around the lake! A super easy healthy snack that fits perfectly into your routine. 

Ready to discover how these little wonders can help you stay fit while pleasing your taste buds? Read on, we’ll explain it all! 

First off, as you probably know, at Theobroma Chocolat, our great passion is chocolate! When designing our Chunkies, our goal was clear: to include our organic chocolate in a delicious alternative to traditional protein bars, something that would appeal to both adults and children alike. 

We quickly realized that our Chunkies had to be more than just a simple snack to fuel up. They had to be a real treat for the senses! To achieve this, we doubled down on texture. We combined the smooth melt of our creamy chocolate with crunchy pearls of milk protein. Then we went on a taste journey to create four unique flavors

After exploring the four unique flavors of our Chunkies, from intense dark chocolate to bold combinations like salted caramel and coffee, you’ll see that choosing a healthy snack doesn’t mean sacrificing pleasure. That’s what we’re here to prove: Eating well is easier than you think! 

At a time when “move more and eat better” is on everyone’s lips, Chunkies are just right: delicious, easy to snack on, and without a long list of complicated ingredients. 

Let’s get moving and GET SMART TOGETHER. Want to try them? Visit our online store to pick your favorites and start enjoying snacks that do you good. 

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