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With so many different tastes and dietary restrictions out there, we wanted to make it easy for everyone to enjoy our chocolate. Whether it's organic, gluten-free, GMO-free, or vegan options, we have a lot to offer. Take a look!

Best sellers

70% Pure Dark Chocolate Bar

This pure 70% dark chocolate promises to deliver on flavour time and time again. With just the right amount of dark chocolate, life’s problems can wait a little longer while you relax and indulge.
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85% Pure Dark Chocolate Bar

85% certified organic dark chocolate is the perfectly balanced rich intensity you would expect from dark chocolate. Never has eating healthy chocolate tasted so good or been more in harmony with nature. Indulge without the guilt.
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60% Dark Chocolate and Cherry Bar

This bar features 60% dark chocolate, glossy black perfection dotted with crimson cherry chunks.The velvety chocolate texture is the perfect match for the tang of the fruit—an incomparable taste sensation.
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Creamy 38% Milk Chocolate & Sea Salt Bar

Creamy 38% milk chocolate and sea salt creates a subtle fusion of delicate salt crystals and smooth milk chocolate. Pure indulgence for the senses.
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90% Dark Chocolate Stick

This 90% cocoa stick is full of powerful antioxidants and can provide great health benefits. It’s rich and intense, perfect for anyone truly passionate about dark chocolate. Allergens: May contain almonds, coconut, soybean and milk.
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80% Dark Chocolate Stick

This 80% cocoa stick exudes the rich traditional flavour of Central America’s finest organic, Fairtrade cocoa beans. It’s simply a must-try for lovers of fine dark chocolate seeking to experience the best cocoa can offer. Allergens: May contain almonds, coconut, soybean and milk.
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60% Dark Chocolate Stick with Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt and sugar cane - what a mix! This fusion of flavor provides the perfect salty-sweet experience. This is a mix to discover! Allergens: May contain almonds, coconut, soybean and milk.
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60% Dark Chocolate Stick with Orange

A touch of orange to tantalize the taste buds. You’ll love this zesty taste sensation. Allergens: May contain almonds, coconut, soybeans and milk.
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Our focus on Fairtrade certification is a reflection of the human leadership that exists at Theobroma Chocolat™

Our emphasis is on people

We are concerned not only about the well-being of our immediate employees, but also about the well-being of foreign producers that participate in the success and quality of our products.

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Using ingredients in their purest form is a big part of how we craft our chocolate. It’s what makes us different, and we’re proud of that.

Purely delicious

Offering organic products has been our goal from the very beginning.

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All of our dark chocolate items are vegan and can be consumed by all regardless of their choice of diet.

Experience a wholesome taste

Our ingredients enjoy nothing but sun, water, fresh air, and the tender loving care of the farmers.

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