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Theobroma Chocolat launches a life changing social innovation initiative

Quebec, September 21, 2020, Theobroma Chocolat, the North American leader in the organic chocolate industry, un launching a lifechanging social innovation initiative. We are a company that stand by our values & principles and carry people’s goodness at heart

“We are a company that make the goodness of people and of the planet the main centre of our concerns. We strongly support our employees & the community. We rely on social innovation through it’s to invite everyone to take action in their daily life because every little gesture counts,” said Jean-René Lemire, co-founder.

“Theobroma Chocolat is taking action by launching a social innovation initiative through its North American distribution network. This initiative aims to reach consumers, citizens, families, but also companies, organizations and opinion leaders.

This is an invitation to act and become more responsible citizens by getting involved in our communities and our environment on a daily basis. Theobroma Chocolat invites us to see, think and act differently!

In a constant changing society, this initiative by Theobroma Chocolat is aims all citizens, whatever your social position and lifestyle. Everyone can make a difference by being more attentive to others, by expressing their opinion and by taking part of life improvement.

“Social innovation is, above all, a reason to express new ideas to face this ever-changing society, continuous social and environmental issues as climate changes, increasing global warmth and social inequality,” explains Josée Vigneault, at Theobroma Chocolat.

“Fair trade is a good example of social innovation that has been put forward by the company since its inception to bring about systemic change in the community because together we are stronger,” she says. This approach is based on the employees’, commitment, company collaborators and the population in general, because every single action can evolve and create more actions in the community. In the end, this is the benefit of a positive impact, that leads to lasting changes that will remain in the company.

The Fairtrade model allows consumers to have a significant influence on poverty, it is based on trade partnerships with core values such as transparency & respect. The final target is to attain a greater world trade fairness. This practice involves efforts to find healthy and ethically produced foods. Theobroma Chocolat invites each and everyone of us, in this social innovation campaign, to be the bearer of good news, act and become the change!

Josée Vigneault and Jean-René Lemire founded Theobroma Chocolat in 2008 in Quebec. The main objective is developing and producing organic chocolate without GMOs and gluten, which is better for consumers and the planet. Marketing products that embody the spirit of pleasure and health for more than a decade, the company is a recognized leader in the North American organic and fair trade gourmet chocolate industry. Constantly on the lookout for innovations likely to promote sustainable development, the products of the Quebec company are appreciated across Canada.

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