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Theobroma Dark Chocolate is #1

Designing chocolate that’s better for you and the planet is in our DNA. Someone recently put our dark chocolate to the test though… and we passed with flying colours! In fact, we were the top choice. Take a look at the whole story here:

Dark Chocolate on The Test Bench

Whether enjoyed as a dessert or as a snack, chocolate remains a classic choice loved by many. Personally, there is not a day that goes by without my little dose of chocolate! Three types of chocolate are mainly found in the market – white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. The latter has grown in popularity since it’s health benefits were discovered. This week, dark chocolate is on the bench.

Characteristics of Dark Chocolate

Three main ingredients are found in dark chocolate: cocoa paste (or liqueur), cocoa butter and cocoa powder. According to the Food and Drugs Act, dark chocolate must contain at least 35% of total cocoa solids (butter, paste and powder). Since dark chocolate contains more cocoa butter, it naturally contains more fat and is therefore more caloric (fat provides more calories than sugar). On the other hand, it contains less sugars, which gives it a certain bitterness.

Our Analysis

For this test bench, 23 dark chocolates with 70-75% cocoa were analyzed. In order to compare them, a serving of 33-40g was used, which corresponds to either 4 squares, a half bar or a small whole bar.

Each serving provides:

  • Between 160-250 calories.
  • Between 12-19 g of lipids.
  • Between 8-12 g of saturated fat.
  • Between 9-15 g of sugars.
  • Between 1-5 g of fiber.

The best choices will have less fat and sugar, more fiber, and have a simple ingredient list. Fair trade and organic certifications will also be considered during the selection!

The Best Choices

We give first place to THEOBROMA dark chocolates. Its 35g snack size made with 72% pure cocoa dark chocolate is among the lowest in calories (180 calories), with one of the lowest saturated fat content (9g). With 5g of fiber and just 9g of sugars per serving, this is definitely a good choice. Plus, it’s high in iron, with 45% of the Recommended Daily Value per serving. The 80g bar, made with 70% pure dark chocolate, is also a good choice with 199 calories, 10g of

saturated fat, 5g of fiber and 11g of sugars per 40g serving. We also like their clean ingredient lists. In addition to being a Quebec company, this brand is certified organic and fair trade! Everything is great!

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