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No need to be a dieter to enjoy our Organic Zero sugar coconut chocolate! If you love Dark Chocolate & adore Coconut, your first bite in our Mini coconut chunks, will put you on a beach, with your feet in the sand! 

Available in a family size pack and for all , this is not only rich in cocoa its also packed with plant fiber, all of this without the sugar alcohol! Enjoy the moment, this sweet, delicious not bitter organic coconut chocolate as the creamiest finish and will make your taste buds come for more. 

6 good reasons to skip sugar and love chocolate!

  • Only 4 organic ingredients !
  • Sweet, creamy, delicious, not bitter !
  • Skip sugar, love chocolate !
  • No sugar added chocolate
  • 100% plants based
  • No sugar alcohols
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11 reviews for ORGANIC ZERO SUGAR MINIS COCONUT– DARK CHOCOLATE – Zipper bag of 9 minis

  1. Rona Newhook

    Bought these at Costco and cannot find them anymore. They are perfect for satisfying a craving for sweets. Never feel guilty about eating them just wish I get get them again in the larger size package.

  2. Betty Scherger

    These are the only types of dessert my sister is allowed to have. Please bring them in soon. Thank you

  3. Betty Scherger

    My sister and I find these NO SUGER VERY GOOD AND HEALTHY . We will continue to be you costumer .

  4. Pen

    Total surprise… enjoyed them even better than some sugared & homemade keto chocolate recipes I’ve tried … and I don’t feel like I have to eat a bunch to be satisfied.

  5. Ed

    Thrse are incredible, I wish they came in bulk boxes!

  6. Iris

    Absolutely incredible! Check your local Costco! Must try!

  7. Megan

    I bought a bag of these and they are my new favourite treat in the whole world. They are sweet without any sweetners added and they satisfy my chocolate and sweet cravings without the sugar buzz. I am so in love with these they are the only chocolate I want to eat (I normally prefer milk chocolate). Theobroma should experiment with some fruit and nut combos with this chocolate recipe (I ate some apricots and Brazil nuts with my coconut minis) Super YUM! Thank you for making such a delicious treat that fulfills my taste buds and helps keep me and my family healthy.

  8. Melanie J Eberlin

    One of the best no sugar snacks i have ever tasted. It tastes just sweet enough. No aftertaste. Delicious!

  9. Lori

    Love these… bought them at Costco and keep a couple in my computer bag for extra energy whenever I need it. Besides the excellent taste and lack of sugar, the fibre in these makes them extraordinary! I will continue to buy them and hope they are available at Costco given the extra value! I also really like the raspberry version.

  10. Behishta M

    This is the only one I want to eat daily without feeling guilty! I used to buy it from Costco two times. But they are not there anymore. Please bring them back to Costco!! My favourite dessert so far!!

  11. Sacha Vettor

    Delicious and healthy! Pls bring back the big bags of dark chocolate coconut minis or raspberry minis.

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